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My Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro is glitching pretty bad

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Well, my phone has been doing really well until just a couple months ago when it suddenly stopped vibrating and/or making tones to tell me I was getting texts, then after a few months of dealing with came back then left again. In utter annoyance I tried to fix the issue; changing the sound settings and profiles and whatnot....then things got worse. My screen would blank out whenever you'd open the keyboard, it didn't bother me because it came back and I was able to type. But now it's been three days and my screen either looks very faded or it just doesn't show at all. The screen does work, but I can't see what I'm doing at all. Also, the three main keys (the hangup, the call, and the menu keys) do not function no matter how hard I press or how long they are pressed. I updated my phone and it vibrates now....just the only problem is that well...I can't do anything with it. I could get a prepaid one, but after being spoiled it would be really hard to make the transition...My warranty has already passed its one year, (I'm almost done my second year with the phone) and I don't want to have to cancel my plan due to how high all the other smartphones cost...I was wondering if you could help me find a way to either get it fixed again, or find another way that doesn't involve cancelling my plan or switching service providers?



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I'm experienced level 3
I'm experienced level 3

Really up to you... Here are a few options:


1) buy a Fido branded smartphone full cost (not sure if Fido dollars are useful here-but then, they'll probably charge an additional $25 HUP fee for using it).

2) buy a unlocked smartphone from another provider at full cost and use it on Fido.

3) Send the Vivaz Pro for repair (you'll have to pay and cover for labour and parts).


These options will allow you to still use your current plan and not cancel anything. You might have to cancel UMB (if you have it) as that won't work with any current smartphones. It still might work with some dumbphones, but I highly doubt it.


I personally chucked my Vivaz Pro, it was problematic a year and a bit in (sending out ghost messages and dialing out on its own). The phone was garbage. The only highlight was being able to use UMB with it. I eventually saved enough funds and got a Galaxy Note in its place and it's a huge difference (literally and figuratively speaking). Their current advertised plans are a joke. They're not competitive and are you're not getting good bang for the buck.


I seriously think it's time to put the dog down. I still have 'til next year when my contract expires. Then I'll decide. If they give me a really good plan, competitive to others and not on contract, I will consider staying. Otherwise, I think I'll jump. I've been with Fido for a long time now too.