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Microsoft lumia 640xl

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have a Nokia lumia 625 which I got from Fido 2 years ago. Would like to upgrade but Sadly Fido does not offer any windows phones anymore.  I am thinking of buying an unlocked MIcrosoft Lumia 640 XL. Would like to know the following.


1. Is there any issue in upgrading to the 640xl? Could I bring the 640xl to any Fido location and swap my phone and keep my number? Would there be a charge for it?

2. My plan is currently $39/month for 400mb and for 400 minutes. I see Fido is offering a bring your own phone of 500 mb and 500 minutes for $40/month. Would I be able to get that plan or is that only for new customers? If I cannot get that plan could I keep my existing plan with th new phone.



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey Robnat! How are you today? Welcome to our community forum! Smiley


The Nokia Lumia 625 and the 640XL both use a Micro SIM, so if you were to purchase an unlocked 640XL, you could use the SIM card you're currently using into that phone! Smiley


Since you'll be buying the phone unlocked and bringing it to Fido, you'll be eligible for this $40 / MOnth plan as well Smiley


I hope this helped!