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Looking for a solar charger and a solar lantern for Iphone 3G

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Looking for two things: 1. A solar charger for Iphone 3G. I have a power box (Canadian Tire Eliminator), but it says the box does not charge Iphones because the Iphone could be damaged. 2. A solar, crank lantern to recharge my Iphone. It is actually the cranking that will recharge it. Of course, I need the right cable and the lantern has to provide the right voltage. Thanks!



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I used the **bleep** tire power emulators before, the ones that go to the car's cigarette 12 voltage socket and convert the voltage to 120VAC and I charged my iphone/ipod just fine with it. maybe some batch of them had weird output voltage that the iphones charger would not be friendly with?