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Loaner device return problems

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I had to have my phone repaired and I was sent a courtesy phone meanwhile.

However, it didn't come with a return label. So I went online on the device repair journey page. Under the courtesy phone section, there was a button that said  "Click here to print Shipping label". I went ahead and did that and that's the label I used.

I'm not so used to shipping stuff and mailing system to be honest.

Did I use the wrong label, and if so, what happens then?



Hello @Marikiwi,


Was the loaner device mailed to you or did you get it from a store?


If you got it from a store then you should have returned it to that store, if it was mailed out to you I would suggest you contact customer service and give them the tracking number from the label and let them know you mailed out the loner device.