LGG4 wifi drop during sleep mode

LGG4 wifi drop during sleep mode

LGG4 wifi drop during sleep mode

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LGG4 wifi drop during sleep mode

Hello everyone. Does anyone have issue with lgg4 wifi connection drop during idle/sleep mode. Mine is keep dropping every couple of minute after screen off even in wifi advance setting Wifi keep on when screen is of is set to Always and still dropping connection. Does anyone else have this issue or solution to fix it. Thankz


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@Skywalkerblue06 try doing a network reset by going to settings ->backup and reset and choose network reset.


Also do you have power save enabled?

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I already tried those settings even after factory reset it fix it for temperory but after few days later its start happen again.

Hi @Skywalkerblue06 


I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions in regards to this issue, if that's Ok Smiley


For one, are you using a phone locked to Fido (Fido phone) or an unlocked handset?


When you say the connection drops while the phone is in "sleep mode", can you give me an example of how this happens exactly? (Basically, how are you able to see that the Wi-Fi Connection has dropped during Idle mode?)


Lastly, does this happen no matter which Wi-Fi source you're connected too, or just your home Wi-Fi?


Thanks for filling us in on those details Smiley We're here for you!


Yes its fido locked phone. So when I turn on my screen I notice that icon change from LTE connection to wifi connection icon thats how I notice wifi drop during sleep mode. I tried all three different router in my home and workplace also it drop connection.

@Skywalkerblue06 Did you make any changes on your LG G4 recently? Or was this an issue ever since you got your device? Did you also try to contact LG about this so they can check if it's a known issue? 

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Nope I havent change anything but I had bootloop issue with LG replacement motherboard about 2 months ago since than its happening so I cant say weather its hardware issue or software which is causing. But When I was reading online some ppl mention this issue its happening due to android doze system but there is no proper solution I really dont know how I can fix this.

@Skywalkerblue06 If i'm understanding you clearly you had the bootloop issue and LG replace the motherboard and now you are have the WiFi issues? If that's the case and you already did a factory reset I would suggest you contact LG.

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I had the same wifi issue with my LG G4, however, after enabling wifi calling this problem was solved. No longer would the phone drop wifi while in sleep mode.

I've got the same issue, actually. However enabling Wi-Fi calling did not correct the issue for me... It's actually made quite the predicament if I take a call or make one over Wi-Fi - If the screen turns off, then the call drops, or it switches to VoLTE... I'll try contact LG as well to see what they have to say about it.

@Skywalkerblue06 I would suggest giving LG a call in this case. They will have more information on the issue. Smiley