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LG Gossip.

so ive had this phone for about 8 months and its in ok condition.i havent done anything terrible to it to make it disfuntion. 

and recently it wont let me see my sent messages. it just appears as a blank text.

now its gotten worst, i cant text messages but i can dial number and make calls.
i know my keyboard is fine because if i sign into fido im my keyboard works perfectly fine.
can someone help me figure why its doing this?



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Hello nancyle,


Welcome to the Fido technical community,


This appears to to be a software issue. It could be that your phone is running out of space.


I suggest you factory reset your device.


Here are the step to factory reset your device:


Please note that doing this will erase all the content on your device and you will lost everything that is on the device.


Resetting your phone
Use Reset Settings in Settings
menu to reset all the settings to the
factory definitions.
You need the security code to activate
this function.


The code is "0000"


I hope this helps,

I'm a Participant Level 2

Hi, unable to view ALL the images or contacts saved to micro sd card and inserted into the LG MICRO SD ADAPTOR. I then insert the adaptor into the slot of my printer for SD adaptors.

Is there a guide, which will give me directions, to allow me to save my "images and or contacts list of names and phone numbers in my LG Gossip Cell Phone TE365F" via Micro SD adaptor?

I'm a Participant Level 2

i tried resetting my phone and unfortunately it didn't work.
do you think theres another reason for this or should i just go take it in to be repaired?



At this point I would look into getting the phone repaired.


If you are still under warranty you can visit a Fido store. They will be able to take your phone back to the manufacturer for Repair.


I hope this helps,