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LG G5 Battery life

I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

We've had the Lg G5 for a couple of years now. Other than 'can't text' issue, the phone's been pretty reliable.

The one major constant gripe is that battery life sucks. I've replaced it the 3 times - the latest a few weeks ago. 

A full charge lasts barely 24 hours with very little use. I checked the battery usage on the phone and it says that 25% is on the home screen. But the phone is usually off, sitting idly. Not quite sure what is causing the drain.

I compare this to my iPhone(s) and they'll last days without a charge. The LG 5 needs to be charged at least daily if not more when it is actually being used!


Yes, on the latest LG builds and have all non-essential apps off. Cache is cleared etc etc. Battery 'saving' turned on wherever possible,


What kind of time do you get on a full 100% charge?  


I'm helpful level 3
I'm helpful level 3

try putting the phone in airplane mode and see how long the battery lasts, even if you don't use the phone if it still connected to a 4g network and/or wifi and/or blutooth the battery will drain

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey @JohnF1444,


Thanks for sharing this with the Community!


I looked into it for you a bit and here are a few other suggestions that you can try and see if they help with the battery life:


- Adjust the screen brightness in Settings > Display

- Manage the background sync in Settings > Accounts and disable sync for all that apps that you do not use.

- Disable Location Services 

- Check if there's a specific App causing this issue in Settings > Battery and Power saving > Battery usage


Also, if you're still within the 1 year warranty, you can bring the device into one of our stores and we'll send it to LG for you to have it checked out!


@Community, does anyone else have the LG G5 and would like to share their experience and tips?





Hi Claudia


- Screen brightness is set to 'auto', always has.

- Background sync has been disabled for all unnecessary apps, first thing I checked.

- Location services are currently 'ON' - I could turn it off, but don't see any indication that IT is killing the battery.

I cannot check the current battery usage status (I don't have the phone with me) but there was nothing out of the ordinary when I checked it over the weekend. Actually 'usage' stats were very,very low and struck me as odd that the battery drains so quickly. That is why I posted the message on to the boards. 


Phone is out of LG warranty period but we do still have extended 'Geek Squad' coverage. I had a new OEM battery sent last week. Did not improve.


These and other battery saving techniques are useful when you're down to your last 5% and need to stretch usage for a few minuteds. But I don't agree that they should be set as the 'norm'. Whats the point in owning a device that needs to be toggled and coddled so that it does not drain?


A full charged battery should last a reasonable amount of time when the phone is used. Yes, everyone's definition of 'usage' varies as does your mileage on a full charge.  This phone needs recharging on a daily basis and it sits idly on a table for the better part of a weekend.  BTW: it is my wife's phone. To give you an idea, she has a 2GB data plan and unlimited texts and calls. She uses maybe 200MB and maybe 50 texts a month! 


It may be a known issue with this particular device. I don't know. Some phones are notorious for killing a battery. Others way more effecient. I can go easily 3-4 days on my 4 year old iPhone6 before needing a charge. And I use it often enough! The LG-5 dies within 2, max. And thats when barely used. 


Just curious to know what others experiences are on this phone.


Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Thanks for getting back to us @JohnF1444.


A Master Reset of the phone might help with the battery life, have you already tried that? Also, did you get in touch with LG to see if they have more input on this?


Did anyone else in the @Community face the same experience?