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It says "Disconnected because service is not available.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



First post.


I just bought my HTC One S and began a Fido unlimted plan 2 days ago. Everything worked fine.


I disabled the Visual Voice mail thing yesterday because it was posting error messages every few minutes because it was trying to use WiFi. Today I decided to enable it, so I clicked on VVM Plus and tried to change my password and it just churned away. I couldn't use the back button or anything else so I just pressed the power button to restart the phone.


After it restarted it rejected my trying to enter a new password using the VVM Plus, so I thought I needed to disable the WiFi. After turning off the WiFi I tryed to load the VVM Plus but now it said I didn't have a data connection and wouldn't even connect.


I went to Settings and Data, it was saying their was a VPN error. I did not make any changes.


I rebooted the phone to see if that made a differance. Now it says "Disconnected because service is unavailable".


I have been searching and have not found an answer.


Any help would be appreciated, nice to get it going before morning.





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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2
Well it suddenly is connected now, maybe it was on Fido's end, coincidence that it happened when I restarted my phone??

All is good now!



Hello richard2012 ,


Although this thread is quite old, 

I wanted to take a second to say:

Thank you for telling us you were abble to fix your issue.


Talk to you soon !