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Internet tethering through my iPhone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello, I have tried unsuccessfully to tether the Internet from my iPhone to my laptop.  It says to contact FIDO to enable tethering to my account.  Alas, I spoke with them and they told me step-by-step what to do, which was exactly what I had done.  It keeps giving me the same message: contact FIDO.  What to do?





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I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1
first do you have over 1 gig of data plan if not theres the problem you need at least 1 gig before it becomes active. if you do have over 1 gig then what fido needs to do is add a scrip code to your phone plan and this will enable it now if they've done this then it could take a day or 2 for it to become active

Hey everyone!


I know this is a pretty old thread but I thought I would provide some updated information about tethering in case anyone came across this in the future. :smileyhappy:


For all plans released on or after August 3rd, 2011, which bill data overusage per increment of a specific amount of data that you go over your allotted usage (For example, $5/100 MB or $10/GB, the overusage rate is dependent on which plan you are subscribed to), tethering is enabled regardless of how much data you have included in your plan. There is no longer any minimum data allotment required or anything that needs to be added to your plan in order to be able to tether.


Hope this helps!