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Huawei P20 Data not Working

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi Telus community,


Today at work my cellular data has all of a sudden stopped working.


It was working until 8am, and was working this morning during my drive to work. I have 3 bars of reception at my work place. I can send and receive text messages, although I am not getting my mobile data.


I have already restarted the phone and spent much time searching the web.

I am not receiving any error messages, just data won't come on (3 bars but no LTE symbol coming up) Yes I have tried turning off and on data as well. Please let me know if cellular data is down in Port Perry or if something with my plan needs to be reset from Fido end, please do that.


Thanks you,



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

**Sorry meant to say Fido Community Tongue Can't find an edit button either 😕 lol

Hello @maaz515 looks like you did everything you can on your end.


Did your phone do any updates today?

Can you verify your APN settings are correct, you can confirm the APN settings here.

Try re-seating the SIM card, power off the phone then take out the SIM card, reinsert it then power up the phone.


If the APN is correct and the SIM card re-seating did not change anything then you will have to contact customer service and they can troubleshoot on their end. You might need to have a reset to switch done on your line.


Also, you can use the Fido NetworkAid to check if there are any issues in the area.