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Htc One S - Restart, Lag, and Constant Vibration

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi, everyone I just bought my htc one s two days ago and I love the phone. However, some weird things have happened. The phone has restarted once on its own, has constant lags while playing games, and on one instance it consistedly vibrating while the screen was frozen. I had to restart the phone by holding the power button.


Now is this a problem with other htc one s users? And I have been having no problems for the last 24 hrs. I am still under 30 min talk time so I can still return / exchange the phone. But I thought I would come here first to see if this is a common occurance.


Also why is over half my ram used (230 - 240mb) when I restart the phone, only to get worst as I open apps up, to a point where it says less than 160mb free.



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Hi there Htc_One_S


If you haven't exprienced the issues since, I think it's safe to assume those were just 'brand new electronic' bugs, temporary glitchs. However if you want to be 100% safe, you can bring the phone in store.


As for your RAM, the numbers you confirmed seem entirely normal. The RAM displayed in the phone settings takes all software into account, including the OS.