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HSPA+ , do I need to get my account provisioning updated? or?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello Folks,


So, I've done quite a bit using the customer support line from fido however there hasnt been a definitive solution.



1.) I have an unlocked HP Veer (AT&T) running webOS 2.1

2.) Newest Sim Card you can get

3.) HP Veer 4G is the official monicker for the phone, and supports FAUX G (4G NON-LTE aka 3G HSPA+)



- I don't get 3G HSPA+ Connections in downtown Vancouver, BC or... anywhere


How do I know?
- Taking this phone down in Seattle WA, the symbol changed from 3G to H+ , H+ being HSPA+ or aka Faux G

- Sales rep for a fido store has a Galaxy S2 on fido, with HSPA+


What have I done?

- Updated APN Settings, they are currently set to:



username: fido

password: fico


This setting, I didn't need to input to access 3G connections but I put em on anyway but still no 3G HSPA+


- Updated my Sim Card, even though it was a NEW sim card - sales rep told me it might be my sim card

- Call Fido: "Sorry, we do not have HSPA+ or 4G HSPA+ or HSPA 4G" <-- this is after I spent five minutes describing to him what HSPA+ is and how its called "4G" but its not really 4G ..


Called Fido Again: "Sorry we do not have HSPA+ yet, we're still launching it next year"


Did they work?




-- was wondering if I need to get my account activated for HSPA+ support .. what exactly is it that I need to do to have my phone recognize or be within the network's HSPA+ ? aka Faux G (4G)



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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2
I am having the EXACT same issue.

I called Fido TODAY and they told me they don't yet have HSPA+, which is wrong; they do.

Can a mod please answer this question? I'm not sure why there hasn't yet been a definitive answer, for months.

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I remember last year using an unlocked Rodgers HSPA+ Rocket Stick with my fido sim, I was able to see the HSPA+ symbol on the connection manager when it connected to certain towers. I also did a few speed tests and low and behold it was hspa, i have the 6G internet plan, the normal one, not the LTE one and it worked just fine, no special plan was needed .

oh and HSPA+ is NOT LTE

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hi everyone,


I'm not sure why you were both told that Fido does not have HSPA+. We most certainly do.


There is no specific account provisioning needed for HSPA+. As long as you have a compatible phone and a data add-on, you should be good to go.


Unfortunately it is hard for us at Fido to troubleshoot a non-Fido phone, so I will resurface this post to see if anyone in the community can help any further.


@ Community - can anyone shed some light?