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Google Pixel 5 delays

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello Fido,


I upgraded my phone to Google Pixel 5 three days ago and received a confirmation email that was saying: "you should receive in up to 5 business days." Naturally I was expecting to have a phone within 5 days.

Today I received a call "on behalf of Fido'' and was asked if I want to complete my order. After initial confusion we found out that this was a mistake due to the phone being not available and I won't receive it for at least three weeks. There is no information about delays or stock availability on the website nor at the confirmation email. Furthermore, I called 611 (thank you for 45m waiting time btw) to get some clarification, where I was told that there is nothing that could be done and that Fido doesn't have to notify me about a delays, on the contrary it's my “fault” and I should call and ask about availability. Day after I received another call from Fido where I was told that the phone will be delayed for 4 weeks. Some time after I received an SMS with a similar context.

This completely ruins all expectations and the legality of such "purchase" is also questionable since Fido clearly doesn't have the item available nor a solid availability date, but It doesn't stop it from taking new orders.

This raises two question:

How Fido is planning to compensate for the delays and a bad experience ?

Will Fido add an “out of stock” note on the website, so people won’t get confused ?


Thank you,



I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I completely agree. Having also ordered the pixel 5 without knowing that it was on backorder was highly dissapointing. Fido is comepletely in the wrong here as they should be explicitly telling their customers that these phones (Pixel 4 also on back-order) are on back-order instead of leading them on. I reached out to fido a couple days after I ordered as I was expecting a shipping confirmation just to find out that it was on back-order. This is very unacceptable and disappointing, something needs to be done about this. DO SOMETHING or you'll be losing some loyal customers!