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Fido customers are fool

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have a question for all: who are the most important priorities for telecom companies?

Obviously, customer, right?

Today I want to share my story that helps you choose a better and more reliable company for you and your love.


I recently purchased an iPhone 15 Pro Max and put $999 down, but I didn't get any promotion credit on my phone. However, they offer $0.00 down on the phone and $10.00 credit on your monthly device plan. Also, they provide $5.00 credit if you setup automated payments.

So, end of the story. I am a big fool guy who puts down and doesn't get any promotion. Right?


Please open your eyes.

I have a simple question for the fido team. Give me one reason why I should keep using your service. Do you think i am not able to pay my rest of phone payment and stay with you?

Just give me one reasone and also other who are loyal to fido.