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Fido Iphone 11 128 gb backorder

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I ordered an iphone 11 128gb on September 5th. One week later I was told that it is backordered. It's now the 29th of September, almost 4 weeks later, and I still haven't received an update on my order. Is this normal?


Good morning @Cris95 , I understand how frustrating waiting for any online order is these days. I'm sorry to hear your iPhone is still on back order. I don't know what normal is anymore with all the supply chain issues going on right now. You could try calling from your device to *611 and asking them to look at your order, but the customer service reps might not have a date for you if Apple distributor hasn't updated them with delivery dates. I feel it's a test of our patience when we are so used to immediate gratification. I hope you hear something soon, give the customer service folks a call and perhaps they can shed a bit of light on your order for you.