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Fido Device Protection- Oh yes. Please.!!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Huh.?? What’s that .?? You’ve got issues with your iPhone 6s Plus (or planning to make some issues ... lol) and got Fido Device Protection ??!! Awesome, you might get upgraded to iPhone 7 Plus 256gb.


Yup you heard it right, you might have a chance to replace your old faulty iPhone 6s Plus with and iPhone 7plus 256gb for 200$.


Disclaimer: this is not a promise from me on this upgrade, just sharing my recent experience.


If you’re in rush, skip to last paragraph.


All these started when my two year old iPhone 6s Plus (64gb) battery starts to drain faster than the Montreal STM services at times (pun intended..). As Smart_Pup and his buddy like to dig up all the best deals and offers you can ever find, got to know, Apple reduced the price of battery replacement to 35$. So why not take advantage of this opportunity and get my phone (otherwise working perfectly) repaired.!! Nope ... worst decision ever..!!!


When you buy a 1000$ plus phone, the least you expect is a good customer service at the Apple store (specifically Apple store at st.catherine, downtown Montreal). Nope. That didn’t happen to me.


They failed to let me know my front mic was not working (the one near the earpiece), which appeared on the diagnostic test and went ahead with battery replacement with an assumption that it might be a glitch in the test. I would’ve stopped the whole battery replacement procedure right there.!!


So after paying the price for replacement and checking out the new battery I found my “hey Siri“ not working and ended up finding my front mic is indeed faulty. The store manager’s consolation: “who uses that anyways”. Right, got a sunroof in your BMW which you don’t use regularly, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want it to be working at all !!

She also added if you want it to be repaired you got to replace the entire screen for around 220$ and failed to agree with me that my “Fido Device Protection” can replace entire phone for 200$.


So now it was challenge for me to prove her wrong. So I called up Fido for the solution and got transferred to Asurion, who handles the device Protection. Told them what happened and within few minutes the agent came back with the news....”we don’t have any iPhone 6s Plus 64gb space grey in stock. How about we give you an iPhone 7plus 256gb jet black for the same 200$.”
Oh yes, please..!!!


Went back to the Apple store and shoved up the confirmation email from Asurion on the Manager’s face. Take that..!! And demanded the refund for battery replacement, which she agreed to and did after keeping me waiting for another hour at the store and pointing me out to her colleagues and making jokes (which I could figure out from their faces, hope it was not any racist jokes!!). When she came to me with her colleague for the refund, did a long interrogation about the the phone replacement (which I agree could be mandatory procedure) and still was not ready to believe me completely.


All these could be avoided if the Apple agent who did diagnostics could take time with the customer to check and explain everything properly. Offended by the Apple store experience, but still proud to have the Device Protection.


So long story short... if you have a faulty iPhone 6s Plus space grey 64gb or higher and got the Fido Device Protection, you might be in luck to get an iPhone 7plus 256gb jet black. Maybe it could be also your last day tomorrow to get this advantage as Brightstar Device Protection Ltd is going to take care of Fido device Protection from 1st of February 2018. So hurry up..!!


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

@Smart_Pup This was a very entertaining read; thanks!


I'm glad that everything worked out for you, and thanks for sharing. Enjoy your new phone. Smiley