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Fido CPO lightly used devices - what is maximum amount of use?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, some CPO devices are described as lightly used, how much use could these devices have had prior to be being inspected and resold by Fido? Some people are reporting their iphone xs max batteries are at 88%, this would imply prior owner had years of use, is this possible? For like new CPO devices what is the maximum amount of use by prior owner, is it different to lightly used? I read previously CPO devices can only have been used for 1 month by prior owner, is this incorrect?






I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

I do agree with @Philmc that 88% battery health is concerning if CPO devices have a minimum 6 months warranty included. I assume it's the standard 1 year Apple warranty but it means the device is 1-6 months old and has the remaining 6 months Apple warranty left. I've owned iPhones for years and even after 2 years of daily use, my iPhone was still at 95% battery health. If these CPO "lightly used" devices are at 88% after only 6 months of use, this would suggest heavy device use and definitely a degraded battery. @Philmc, I believe you are referring to the recent Fido "deal" on the iPhone XS Max which was listed at $5.50 per month (after discounts) for 24-months, and perhaps the significant discount offered was to offset the aged batteries in these particular units. Personally, I do not like to purchase "used" devices and you need to consider if the "savings" are worth it compared to buying brand new. Appreciate your feedback here on the Fido community so we all stay informed Smiley


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There is no definite answer as the usage would vary and the sources of the CPO devices can also vary.

You can find out more about Fido's CPO devices here.