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Fido Bill Reflects Incorrect Data Usage, huh?

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Okay, so I get my fido bill and it says I used a gig of data in one day. Is that even possible?


My phone has a data usage tracker, and it barely hit 500MBs for that entire month.


Fido customer service was no help. Guy kept telling me I must have tethered (which isn't allowed with my data plan) or watched movies (I don't, ever).


So Fido is making me pay $50 for data I know I didn't use. My question: how did this happen? Can I prevent this from happening again, or can Fido put random numbers in my data usage bill when they're short on cash? 


Also, is anyone else experiencing this issue?


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I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

oh  i feel your pain , they have done the same to  me ,, tell them  you  want to  investigate this , and get your phone checked ,by  the manufacturer , just  take a look  at my  post  , 10gig one , you ll get the whole story . dont take it lying down 

I'm experienced level 2
I'm experienced level 2

Hello guys,


This thread is old but since smartphones are only getting better as the years go by there are important things to keep in mind. To better manage and avoid extra charges I strongly suggest checking out this thread:


Hope this helps fro the future! Smiley