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Fido 11 Pro to The best of the best?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have a fido 11pro 


I like to make videos of myself for youtube and social media. I hate how my phone freezes! You would think a phone this high up would not still freeze! I Think i need something that can handle more apps. 


Does fido trade? I got this phone on a fido plan I wonder if they will let me upgrade to a better phone. If so which one should i get that has a better camera and wont freeze? Thanks 



Hey @exotica!


We have plenty of phone models and more recent ones, as well! You can navigate through our device options here.


We offer Fido Trade, as well. You can trade your current phone at the moment of the upgrade and get a bill credit. For more details, visit our Fido Trade page


Hope this helps!