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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 256 GB Green in October 2023 from Fido Store at Robson Street, Vancouver. The deal fido showed me had a $16/month on discount on device balance. The plan they sold me was $84.91 X 24 months with a $16 discount, so I thought its good. 


However, later I found out that they sold me $2,282.56 for this phone, but its only selling for $1700 in bestbuy and Samsung store. 


Fido ripped me off, I am almost a decade old customer with fido but ill never come back to them after this phone is paid out. Ill try to pay out in next few months, dont want my monthly money go to them for service.


Hi there @s95828282 , I'm sorry you feel scammed by the cost of having your device financed. As you probably know, the pricing on phones is ever changing by season, flash sales etc. When you finance your device the fees are very transparent and show you upfront costs, the monthly plan discount over a 24 month duration. For example: $0 down, $10/month for 24 months after Bill credit of $46.59 or to buy up front full price of $1358.00 plus taxes. As you can see, the actual price you would pay if financed over the 24 month would be $240.00 plus taxes. If you cancel prior to fulfilling the 24 months, the full amount of the remaining cost of the device is owed.  The choice is ours to make, but that doesn't look like a scam to me.