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Extreme internet usage, background data for email

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have been with Fido for 6-8 month and never went over 2GB of data usage. My work flow is continuous is steady hence doing the same thing more or less. I do not use the phone for Skype not do I stream movies, maybe a youtube video once every two weeks. Last two month I got a bill saying I used 12GB of Data roughly each month. This is unrealistic, since I know that i have not. Fido refuses to acknowledge the problem. My data meter does show background email to be 10-11 GB per month, but its impossible. Could it be a virus in the email App? I have always had both my email accounts synchronized and never went over 2 GB. I use android phones, the problem occurred with Note 1 and Note 2 phones ( i changed over two month back and forth). Any ideas or suggestions?



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I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I don't have an answer for you, but I have a theory, as well as a request for information.


I too noticed a huge jump in my data usage.  I normally have very minimal usage, but saw it jump to about 200 mB a day.  At the same time, my battery was draining in about 3 hours between full recharges, even if my use was minimal.


Interim measure:  When you're not actively using data, you can turn off your cellular data usage (Settings--General--Cellular).  However, this is pretty irritating to use, as it means that you can't use your email, and don't receive notifications that you've received an email.


Virus:  When trying to log into a free wireless internet hub, I was refused because a "CSRF attack was detected" and I have a "CSRF token" on my phone.  I looked it up:  This stands for "cross-site request forgery."  The virus basically hijacks your phone and takes on your identity in order to try and hack into websites and networks.


Solution?:  I haven't found any information on the web about this, other than for use by programmers (which I am definitely not).


Help!:  Does anyone know how to remove a CSRF token from a phone, or who to contact?  Is there an anti-virus program that can protect against this?  If I understand correctly how this virus works, Fido should be concerned, as the hijacker is likely trying to hack the Fido network, amongst others.