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Exchange Problems

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Purolator failed to attempt delivery ( although they say they did ) and dropped my phone off at thesorting center for me to pick up.  The phone was there for 3days, when I go to pick it up they say it is in a locker.  Outside.  In below freezing nights for 3 days.   I get home and try to set the phone up as it is a Xmas present for my daughter, which I also added another line.

In 36 hours the phone froze and restarted at least 15 times.

Fido CS sent me to a store dlto do an exchange, but they don't do this because it was bought online.

Back to CS they sad the case is open but there is no stock.  I hang up check online and there's the phone.  Same phone, same price, different colour.

They say I must wait 1-2 weeks but they will be in touch in 1-2 days.  

In the meantime they will send me a shipping label to return the faulty device while I wait and continue to pay the fee for a phone I don't have and an extra line I don't use.  To boot, the box was thrown out by accident.

I've been a customer since 2005, am absolutely livid with being lied to more than once by customer service and just want my device exchanged before Christmas.  

I have a feeling it will get dragged out or they and deny due to length of time and having no box.  In which case I will have spent my last dollar with Fido.



Hi there @ShaunL. We're sorry to see what you have experienced. As per our return page which you can see here, a comparable box can be used as well. It is definitely possible to have delays however if the device is out of stock at the moment. Please reach out to us to look into this with you further. You can do so via Social Media, Live chat or customer service over the phone. All available methods of contact are shown here.