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Downloaded Fido MyAccount for BB but now have 2 identical Iconson home screen, remove one of them?

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Hello.  I just noticed last month the BlackBerry App Store had the Fido MyAccount Application in it, so I downloaded it this month and installed it to my BB.  I personally like  this one because its an Application, its fast, and its not web based like the virtual link that came on my blackberry.  Now my question is this: I now have 2 Icons beside each other on my home screen. One is  the link that came on my BB from the factory, and one is the icon for the application that I just downloaded.  They are nearly identical icons, I realised there is no way to delete the older icon, unless anyone at Fido has any suggestions? please let me know.  and FYI i often resend my service books to my phone because I swap devices often, so if anyone suggests "hiding" the icon, please read this first before you suggest that, because this will "undo" it



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Hi there Paolo,


I can only think of two options:


1# connect the BB to desk top manager, go to application loader select the program you wish to remove and remove it (even if its embeded) if that doesn't work then


2# when you set up the BB during the restore process you will be asked which apps you want to add on BB. If both those options fails then I'm out of ideas my friend,