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Do I need to activate my 1000 international minutes?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Or can I just start making international calls right away?


For some reason I'm feeling a bit unsure about my exchange at the store. I was told that the $40 activation fee will be waived off in the next bill (because I was happy to leave the store and order online), and that the 1000 minutes will be activated in the next billing cycle. However, if I wanted to activate it right away I had to call 611 (which is proving very difficult with the long wait time). 


Could this have to do with the billing cycle/pro rata charge for first month? I got the sim yesterday and I can see that only 1 day remains in the bill cycle. Is that what the store attendant meant by the next bill? Or will I have to wait for a whole month after this pro-rata cycle lapses, in order to avail the 1000 minutes and get my $40 refund. 


Sorry for the long post. I'm new here so a but unfamiliar with how things are done. 


Thanks in advance for the help! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Ivneet,


Welcome to Fido and to our community, we're happy to have you with us Smiley


From what you've described, it seems that your billing cycle starts on the 1st of every month. Since you activated your account online, the 1000 minutes of international long distance option should take effect immediately. The $40 activation fee is also usually waived right away. 


You should also be able to confirm the services included in your plan at the moment through your online account on under My Account – Services or on My Account the app. 


If you're not registered online yet you can simply go to - My Account - Register - Account Holder - and follow the rest of the steps to sign up.


Hope this helps! Smiley If ever you still have concerns about your account and you'd like us to look into it, you can contact us through here or we can send you a PM on the community.