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Daily low data charges when not using internet?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I just got my newest bill, and there is $11 of Mobile Internet/Data Usage charges. In the list it says almost every single day during the last cycle I used 5kb, or 16kb, or 9kb etc.... some very tiny amount. My phone is an LG Gossip. I have unlimited instant messaging (Fido IM program, shows $0.00), and no other applications that use the internet. The only time I use the Fido browser is to check my account from the phone which I only do once or twice a month to make sure I'm not over my minutes. Otherwise I do not use the internet whatsoever.


Going back through old bills over the last 4 months there is other random charges once or twice a cycle for like 1kb or 4kb and only adding up to a few cents but this newest cycle is some tiny amount every day.  What could these charges be from? Is there something on the phone that is somehow using internet without my knowing it?



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I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1
I can only think of a few possibilities. Someone might be playing with your phone, which would be the most obvious explanation. It could be possible that an application is using data without your knowledge.

Seeing as this is a feature phone, not a smartphone, I can't really think of much. Try looking at the browser history to see if there are any odd pages. Also double check with Fido to confirm that you have unlimited instant messaging still enabled. You can also ask them what sites your phone has been accessing. Although I'm not sure if they can tell you the latter, it's worth a try.

Good luck.