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Contract Ended but Still Charged for price of phone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was very disappointed to find out that they still charged me the same price as previously even though I had paid off my phone. They refuse to reimburse me the extra charges after I realised I had to call in and change my plan.  Then after I did change my plan they said they had to charge for the rest of that entire month and there's nothing they can do to help me out. These are difficult times for a lot of people and it's hard to find work and pay bills and feed your children. Rogers is taking food out of my kid's mouth. I hope everyone who works there realises that they are taking advantage of innocent customers who do not know they are being overcharged once their contract ends and customer service refuses to do anything to remedy the situation. I have never encountered a business that treats their customers this poorly.  After I tell them all my issues and they respond that they cannot do anything about it they actually have the nerve to ask me if I would like to recommend fido to my friends and family.  Honestly I would not recommend fido to my worst enemy.



Hello @Popcorn1975,


That's some harsh and uncalled-for accusations just because you do not understand the plan you have.


If your contract just ended it means you have a subsidized plan meaning the cost of the device is built into the plan that's how it has always been prior to February 2019 before Fido changed to the finance-only option where the cost of the phone is separate from you the plan.


You can always change your plan to any of the current in-market plans but going forward if you need a new device you will have to finance it.