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Charged huge amount of account charges.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have a phone number plan and registered an auto payment. however, the auto payment was invalid for an unknown reason,(the card was working properly, and can pay the register again ). I had to pay the fee and it happens again! I have some issues and have left Canada.  there are no emails for contact and the online chatbox is staggered with my time zone. the service was suspended and keep charge me. it is ridiculous to charge me for stopping my autopayment! please find someone to contact me and I request for waiving some of fee



Hello @kelvin123124,


Welcome to the community!


You should note this community forum is not meant as a venue for customer service it is here for customers like myself to help each other, that being said you will need to contact customer service directly regarding your issue as they are the only ones that have access to your account, see here for all the different methods of contacting them even from outside of the country.