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Brand new IPhone 12 was ordered from my account

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello all,

wanted to share this with all. Today April 20, 2021 in the afternoon I heard my door bell ring and when I went to the door, Purolator delivered a box with my daughter's name on it. When I asked her if she had ordered anything she denied it. Checked with my husband and he did not order anything either. So we decided to open the box and when we opened the box we see a brand new IPHONE  12 with a brand new SIM card. When I saw it was sent by CTDI Oakville, I decided to call them and the lady there was very helpful and let me know that I was not the 1st person to receive a brand new phone without ordering and I need to call FIdo customer service right away. I called the customer service and after a wait of 30 mts I got a CSR who went through my account details and helped me change my password on my online account. I requested him to start a thorough inverstiagtion on the fraud that was done on my behalf. He initiated a complaint and let me know that someone from fraud will call me in 3 days. I was very happy to receive a call within a couple of hours and the specialist put a few controls in place on my account one of them being no one can order on my behalf and there would be a text sent with a 1 time password.

Though it appears to have addressed, I should not have had to spend so much of my time to report. This is not the 1st time though.

So kindly review your account regularly and keep changing your password. I think I would delete the Fido app as the order was made from my online account and the email was changed. 
Thanks Fido for quickly looking this! And trust you keep my account safe!


I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

I am going to be very vocal about this but I would like Fido to add 2 factor authentication across their account system. The account holder (not 2nd line) will get a txt message with a code to enter into the website for logging in, and major transactions like phone upgrades. Of course with the fiasco yesterday, an authentication app (like google authenticaor) works too. I think this addition will solve a lot of situations where people hack into the account to upgrade their phone without prior knowledge.