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Blackberry curve 9300 roaming data not working in USA

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there I have a blackberry curve 9300 I got in Spain from a local company but it was free, however when opening it I can still see the spaniard company logo name. I have used in Fido for the last 2 years for txt and voice. I got a roaming service pack for USA and despite the roaming and data white triangle is on, its connected to AT&T and I read EDGE in teh right corner I can not connect to the internet as it sais I do not have a data plan. Anyone knows how to change the configuration of my phone? thanks. I have to say that the Fido technical support is worthless and that despite I explained where from and how I got my phone they said the roaming would work. Now that I payed they say they are not responsible taht I wont get my money back. Thats actually what I call stealing



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Hi there gallasta,


It sounds like you have data roaming off in the settings of your phone. Turn it on to see if that helps.


Let us know