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BB Curve Battery

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My battery will be dead in about 8 hrs. is this normal?? im not using it much because im working and usually end up charging it all night then once again before i go to work. should i just get a new battery and if so how much do they cost?? i just bought this BB in june and i already had to send it out for repairs. Sad



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I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1



It can also be a charging issue. I bought a Blackberry in May and by Early September even after an all night charge my blackberry 9300 would completely discharge i less than 6 hours. I also bought a new battrey but had the same problem and it was suggested that I buy a new charger but the same problem persisted.


Now here is the funny thing I noticed that when I put blackberry for charging  using a wall socket there is very low frequency noise coming feom the charger plug both old and the new one.


On a hunch I used my Iphone charger plug instead of the Blackberry charger and then there was no problem.


I have observed that by phone is now holding the charge for longer periods and is impoving so far I have tested that the charge lasts for up to 12-13 hours (minimum) when set on 3G network.


However I must point out that I only started doing this since last week I will need to watch it at least for a month to confirm that the problem lies in the blackberry charger plug for the will socket.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I'm having the same problem right now. I bought my phone in September. It has been only 3 months. I noticed that for the last 3 days now whenever I go home from work, my phone is dead. I remember charging it the night before, but it is dead the following day. It is very strange because I hardly use it when I'm at work. Is this a blackberry phone problem? I've had different phones which I had to charge often, but this one is bad.


I remember hearing from other people that 3G also uses up the battery a lot. Do we really need 3G? I'm thinking of turning it off to see if it helps, but I'm still trying to figure out how to turn it off.

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Good afternoon  linzdek and Paolo,


You may look for a spare like Paolo suggested however I say, be aware that these batteries are cheap (as in low priced) knock-offs from that may not be as long-lasting as you'd expect.  I did this with my old Nokia E75 and let me tell you, no battery is as good as the original from the manufacturer.  I would pay the 60-70$ in a heartbeat for an extra battery, knowing this now.



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you can pick them up at most fli markets in bigger cities, they are typically 20 bucks or so, you can also try places like pacific mall, or other cellphone shops, theres usually a dozen or so in most cities.