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BB Curve 8520 - Won't Allow Me to Update

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Recently got a new curve 8520 with a 500 mb data plan for web and im and all that fun stuff...


but my bbm does not work, and my bb desktop manager does not allow me to update my device, as it tells me that i have no blackberry service on my phone.


kinda confused taking into account that i have a 500 mb data plan, and yet can't access things like bbm and phone updates??


anybody can help me with this one?


thank you in advance



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do you have the 500 MB "Internet" Data plan or do you have the 500 MB "Blackberry" Data Plan?

FYI they are NOT one in the same plan, there are 2 different plans offered. The 500 MB plan with BlackBerry will work on any device including Non-BlackBerry handsets, but the 500MB Internet plan will work on Any device EXCEPT Blackberry.