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BB 8520 technical issue.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Sometimes on the blackberry curve I don't see the fido word above.  Instead I see a pair numbers that start from 320 020 something like that.  How do I resolve this, is the bb defective?



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as longas u dont see a  triangle your ok.  if you see 302-720 then that is the network id of f ido, its just being transmitted in numbers  instead. Why? idunno ,maybe engineers can tellus

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That's correct! What you see on your screen depends on your SIM card model. Every mobile phone network has it's own code.


Fido's network code is 30237 (handset display: 30237, MCELL or FIDO).
Rogers's is 30272 (handset display 30272 or Rogers).

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Hello FidoJenny,


Although Fido owns the network ID of 302-37 or 302-370, they have not broadcast this network ID since late 2005, their equipment that used to broadcast this ID was also decommissioned.  Rogers opened their network to allow all customers with a Fido IMSI to use their network just like if they were on their home network, so thats why Fido uses the Rogers ID now and you might see it from time to time.

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I totally agree with you. I've been working for Fido for more then 10 years now and the only thing I would add is that yes, the equipment is no longer available for sale but we do have customers using old ST32 SIM cards with their compatible handset and it still works but of course, I would strongly recommend a swap SIM to benefit from all the network possibilities.