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Access my account on sony ericcson experia x10 mini pro

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

  Hi Everyone! Just wondering if anyone can help me. i bought a mini pro on ebay. I managed to get mms and internet working :smileyvery-happy:. Its an android is there a my account app or a wap address I can use to access my account. Its prepaid so the one android app i did find doesnt work with it. i know theres one out there that tells me my balance and usage just kind find it. Please help!!!



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Hi there mbriscoe,


That's a good question. Let me find out. I'll post a reply once I receive an answer.

Hi again, 


Yes it is possible for prepaid customers to use the My Account app. 


You are able to view:


  • Account balance
  • Contact Information -View and Change (Address, Phone numbers, Billing Language) (WAP Only)
  • Current balance expiration date
  • Last refill details
  • Rate plan summary (minutes included, used and remaining for monthly prepaid customers)
  • Data usage
  • Text messaging usage
  • Recent purchases
  • Gifts (downloadable content given to you and sent to your phone)
  • Recommendations (downloadable content recommended to you and sent to your phone)
  • Local Calling Area information
  • FidoDollars balance

And complete transactions such as:


  • Refill using credit card or voucher
  • Change rate/price plan
  • Add 10 text messages to Canadian wireless numbers
  • Add Unlimited text messages to Canadian wireless numbers
  • Add 15 text messages to U.S or International wireless numbers
  • Add Unlimited Personal Email and Instant Messaging (IM) for BlackBerry
  • Add Unlimited Social Networking and IM for BlackBerry