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4735 SMS messages from FIDO

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I keep getting SMS/MMS messages from a 4735 number.  

I posted this comment as a reply, in another message about 4735, but this should be it's own subject.


I've been getting relentless, annoying, repeated SMS messages from the number: 4735.

It now looks like this might be a FIDO number!!   I have not been able to reach anyone at Fido.


I am get 5 or 6 - sometimes more - of these SPAM messages from 4735 EVERY DAY!!


I have added 4735 to my Blacklist on the phone but the SMS messages are still getting thru. 

The phone beeps, and I delete the thing, because it is an MMS packet, with a 90Kb file attached. 


I do NOT have any DATA capability on my phone.  That's the way I want it.  Data is disabled. 

But some system is ***CONSTANTLY*** trying to dump this 90kb of SPAM on my phone. 

I am a Fido customer, in Canada.


I had thought this stupid 4735 SMS was some hackerguy, who had figured out how to bypass the

Android Blacklist feature of my phone.  But in researching this - I discover 4735 IS FROM FIDO !  


This  message has been coming almost every hour today.  I want this to stop.


I have tried to call FIDO directly via 611, but all I get is MENU LIST of SELF-SERVE options. 

And not surprisingly, none of the self-serve options allow me to fix or stop this.

This has been going on for over a WEEK now - I had assumed it was some off-shore hacker who

was trying to drop a toxic exfiltration payload on my phone.

But  NO - it seem it is my own provider !!  


I need Fido to STOP sending adverts out on this 4735.     My Huawei phone - which I got from Fido,

cannot seem to process the 4735 (4-digit) SMS number in my Harassment Filter Blacklist. 

Putting the 4735 number in the Messages Blacklist has NO EFFECT.  I keep getting the

4735 messages.  And now I learn it is a junk advert!


You cannot imaging how annoying and frustrating this has been.   Fido people are not thinking.

If I keep getting these 4735 SPAM-junk repeat messages (I have had maybe 200 or 300 in the

last two weeks), I will next write a formal letter to the CRTC, and my MP, and explain that

FIDO/Rogers seems to be a company run by a bunch of scammers, and the Rogers-Fido thing

should maybe be broken up, and the spectrum they are using should be re-allocated. 

Fido MUST NOT SPAM-bomb its customers like this.

This is just insane.

I had honestly assumed it was some hackerbot or malware - complete with a 90kb exfiltration

program - that was repeatedly and relentlessly trying to attack me.    Turns out it is an advert.

Now that I have determined it is actually MY OWN CARRIER harassing me.  This is not good.

We need a solution.  This is NOT how the wireless technology model is supposed to be operated.  




Hey @MCLodif,


That's definitely not what we want to hear. Rest assured we definitely do not want to be sending you messages without your consent.


To clarify, have you tried replying the word "STOP" in the text messages you received?


Let us know.