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Show Off Your Pets!

Hey Community!    Show off your pets by posting awesome pictures of them here  Action shots, cute poses, sleeping or swimming, anything goes! 

Introduce yourself!

Hey everyone!   Whether it’s your first time here or you’ve been around for a while, why not introduce yourself!? We look forward to meeting you all - not just on a username basis!   To get this started, how about you tell us a bit about yourself? Wh...

FidoCaroline by Community Manager (Retired)
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Show off your first cellphone!

Hey Community!    Wanna take a trip down memory lane? Post a picture of your first cellphone and share what you liked most about it!  


Hi,When will Fido provide unlimited text/call to and from CANADA-USA-MEXICO plans like Rogers, Telus and Bell? I don't want to switch for one of them..

Scam calls?

I have received a call from "Roger's" offering me a 30 percent discount on my fido bill. They were trying to collect personal information and when I refused they hung up. Beware the call came from Manitoba! And was very scammy!!! 

GeoSher by I'm back
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E-sports Sponsoship

Hello, My name is Aira or also known as Stellariugh. I am a meet-up host for a 5v5 battle arena mobile calle Mobile Legends : Bang Bang. Last Saturday, I hosted the first meet-up event for the game's canadian community. People were happy and pleased ...

Unknown number

I have been getting calls from a private number,  a girl is accusing me and using curse words whom I dont even know, she do not even tell her name and even tries to build up some stories.  It has been almost a year now and it is really giving me hard...