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I'm back
I'm back


I won this contest in September 2022 through Fido partnered with Nesto mortgage lenders. At the time my fiancée and I were looking to purchase a home and had not picked a lender. I was called to be told I won the contest and did not receive any confirmation email, instead was told someone from Nesto would get in contact with me. I was reached out to by a Nesto representative whom I told I was going to be holding off on seriously looking until February 2023 as that was when my fiancée would be getting his raise and bonus. He told me this was fine and that I had a year to collect the prize as did the Fido employee who called me to let me know I won the prize. It appears on my app on my phone that I won but it said expired when I checked a couple weeks ago after I saw the same contest was posted again! I was worried that it expired because I hadn't collected the prize but I was told I had one year and did not need to actually use Nesto as my lender in order to claim the prize. My fiancée and I have now purchased a home and are moving in the end of June and I am trying to figure out who I can contact regarding this prize. I cannot find the post in the forums now and I also cannot find the prize rules and regulations. Help please! 🙏



Hey @Montana1


Have you had the chance to contact Nesto directly concerning your inquiry?

If not, please call please call 1-888-298-5086 to reach out to them directly!


If you've already contacted them, contact us here and we'd be more than happy to check everything for you.