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Quick update concerning Fido Mastercard in 2023

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1


A Fido Mastercard + super cashback on your Fido services and purchases, are you tempted?


July 23, 2023.

Hello, as you all know, Rogers Bank offers the Fido Mastercard.


A previous forum topic by @FidoStephane  explained in 2016 what the card is:


Since that time, there have been many changes to this card, both in terms of the discount and the welcome bonus.
Since the topic has not been updated by the community and moderators since 2016, I took the liberty of updating the information concerning the Fido Mastercard in 2023, since some changes have taken place.


As of July 23, 2023:

You will recieve:

  • 1.5% unlimited cash back on all eligible recurring payments, including your Fido bill, utilities, streaming services and more in Canadian dollars. (NEW)
  • 1% unlimited cash back rewards on all qualifying regular purchases in Canadian dollars. (Before: 1.5%)
  • You get up to $25 in cash back, here's how: A $25 welcome bonus is awarded if you're a new customer and when you make your first purchase! Smiley

The card has no annual fee ($0). Enjoy! Smiley


The question people are asking. Rates! Here they are:

The interest rate on purchases is 19.99% and 22.99% on cash advances, cash transactions and balance transfers.
If you are unable to make your payment twice, the rate will increase to 25.99% for purchases, and 27.99% for cash advances, cash transactions and balance transfers.


Please note that if you make your payment in full, you do not pay interest charges.


Depending on your financial situation, you may also be eligible for the Rogers Bank World Elite Mastercard, which offers better benefits and a higher discount. We are talking about 3% rebates on purchases in American currency, and 1.5% on all types of eligible purchases in Canadian dollars. But be aware that due to Mastercard regulations, this requires a minimum income of 80k ($80,000 CAD) per year for personal income or 150k ($150,000 CAD) for household. If you want to keep the card or the World elite card status you must spend 15k (15,000$ CAD) per year.


You have the details at:


Good day to all!