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Affordable long distance plans for countries with no Internet - Iran

I'm Back
I'm Back

Dear CEO, Managers, and decision makers at Fido and Rogers, 

As you are aware, Iran is going through a historic revolution times where Iranians are being terrorized in the most atrocious way in the history of mankind, by the Islamic Republic, an unwanted regime in Iran. 


My elderly mother and my special needs elder sister live in Iran. In the past Canadian-Iranians were able to use the internet apps like WhatsApp to connect with their loved ones. During this revolution, Islamic Republic have blocked most of the internet connections in Iran and so I have no choice but to use my cell phone to call my mother. 


I have always had Fido's long distance plan where I paid 8 cents per minute to Iran. Then it was 10 cents per minute. Yesterday, I found out that it is now 20 cents per minute. This is too expensive and not affordable. So instead of $25 I'm billed $52. 


I am writing to request that we find a way to reduce this cost. Can we think of a way such as a new plan to help us connect with our loved ones affordably? 


Looking forward to hear from you very soon to discuss further. 



Pira Ebrahimi