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How to complain about a recent interaction

I'm back
I'm back

Location- 9200 Bathurst St. / Rutherford, Thornhill.   Date: September 7 at 4:25 pm estimate.

Yesterday I walked to the locked door, and the young lady on the intercom said "How may I help you!"    

"I have a technical issue with IPN"   They can see I had a phone and book in my hand.

She said" Please wait a moment, and have proper ID ready"

I went to get my Costco ID with Photo ID  -   She opened the Door Only about 8" and said we can't take that and while I was fumbling (I'm a Asian Senior) with my bag.    She shut the door on me.    She didn't even wait.      I silently said "**bleep**" under my breath.  

She opened the door and " Sorry we can't service you, because you called me a "**bleep**" Never did I think she could hear it.       She slammed and locked the door behind her.           This is totally outrageous her behaviour by already prejudicing and thinking I'm a criminal plus not even waiting for me to retrieve the ID necessary.        Drove to Hillcrest Mall where their plaza location is a open walk in and treated with better courtesy and respect.        I totally do not understand the locked door situation until ID is proven..... We're not all criminals and are clients.      I would like the management to change the situation about the locked doors,    people know that they will require ID going in to get their service, but they need to know how to treat their customers better.    



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello @MJ2022,


Welcome to the community! 


I'm sorry to hear about your experience as it isn't what we aim to provide you with. Our stores now require ID before entrance and also gouvernment issued ID would be the appropriate type of identification to provide us.


Feel free to contact us over these methods here if you need help with anything.