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Fido Perks

I'm back
I'm back

The Fido Perks was the #1 reason we (3 Fido cell phones in my home) stayed with Fido. All the other providers were offering similar stuff, but the perks was the extra we liked. We particularly enjoyed the contests. What will be the extra that will keep us with Fido now? Think fast, two of us can leave anytime now....oh look Koodo offers rollover data! 



Hey @KimsFamily Very_Happy


Even though Fido XTRA is no longer available, most customers can still take advantage of 5 extra hours of data every month, Data Overage Protection, and Fido Roam.


You can keep an eye on our website and our social media platforms for new offers, as we'll always announce them there, when they're released.


We definitely wouldn't want to see you go, so please don't hesitate to contact customer service if you wish to go over your options.