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Community Contest – let’s see your entries!

Community Manager
Community Manager

To celebrate the Community’s 11th birthday, we’re hosting a contest! 2 Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phones are up for grabs.


To enter the contest, take a trip down memory lane and list off all the phones that you’ve had (at least the ones that you can remember) by replying to this post. The contest runs from September 10, 2021 at 9am to September 24, 2021 at 11:59pm. Click here for full contest rules.




Good luck!


I'm Back
I'm Back

LG g4, one plus 1. One plus 6

I'm a Visitor
I'm a Visitor

Nokia 3310
Nokia 5190
Kyocera ke424
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 5
Samsung Galaxy S7
iPhone XS

I'm a Visitor
I'm a Visitor

Lg Rumour, Samsung Corby, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, currently Huawei p30 lite but planning to upgrade & was looking up this phone as a possible choice  😁

I'm a Visitor
I'm a Visitor

Nokia 6190 with analog module which allowed "roaming" on Bell analog network when outside Fido PCS coverage zone

I'm a Visitor
I'm a Visitor

The first phone I ever had was a blackberry bold, then I got the Samsung galaxy s4, then the iPhone 6s and now the iPhone 11

I'm Back
I'm Back

First phone was an LG Optimus 7 (Windows 7 phone), followed by a OnePlus One (original sandstone) and today a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

Well, I've been a stalwart BlackBerry gal starting with the pagers. I've owned every model of BlackBerry since the curve. Pearl, Priv, Bold, Passport x 3, KEYONE, KEY2. Before BlackBerry,  I had Nokia's N8, HP Ipaq 6515, Motorola razor,  and now Samsung S8, S10e. Sheesh what a geek. 

I just found some more BlackBerry's. I also had the z10, Z30, Q10x 2. A little obsessive about BlackBerry for a while. I should put them in my own personal Museum complete with glass front and security alarms. 😆 

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Community!


  I do love these trips down memory lane 😁  Looking back, I haven't added too many new devices since the last time we took this trip. My first phone was an Ericsson CF788. I stuck with that manufacturer for a while with the Ericsson T39m and subsequent SonyEricsson Z600.


  Unfortunately, Ericsson stopped making mobile devices and I was forced to look elsewhere. Anyone who knows me knows that I love my flip-phones. To my dismay, it was around the time many manufacturers were moving away from flip or slide phones in favour full screen devices without dedicated number pads. My search lead me overseas. Samsung was one of the few manufacturers still making them. So my next devices were Samsung Z510, Samsung G400, Samsung B9120. 


  The problem with sourcing my devices from overseas was that they tended to not be fully compatible with North American bands and frequencies. At the time, I knew nothing about bands or frequencies. In my naivety, I opted for form-factor over function. Incidentally, that was the beginning of my participation in these forums. I grew tired of having to drive across town just to download a MMS. Sadly, I needed give up on my beloved form-factor for a device fully compatible for use here. Enter the Samsung S5 and my current phone: Samsung S10+.


  For images of what the phones looked like (except the S10+), you can refer here


  I was excited with the news Samsung was developing new folding devices. However, without a dedicated number pad, it's just not a flip-phone 😓


Happy 11th Birthday Fido Community!! 🎂



I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1


Community Manager
Community Manager

I'll start it off Smiley


First phone was an LG G7020 (or something similar):



Second was the Palm Treo 650:



Third was the BlackBerry Curve 8310:



Then iPhone 3G, then iPhone 3GS:



Next was the HTC Evo 3D:



Then LG Optimus G, then G2, then G3, then G6 (stuck with LG for a while!)

FidoStephen_5-1631284232333.png FidoStephen_6-1631284263465.png FidoStephen_7-1631284300032.png FidoStephen_8-1631284338886.png


Then Huawei Mate 20 Pro:



And now I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra:



That took a while with the images... feel free to add some but it's not necessary. Smiley