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I'm a visitor
I'm a visitor


When will Fido provide unlimited text/call to and from CANADA-USA-MEXICO plans like Rogers, Telus and Bell? I don't want to switch for one of them..


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Senior MVP

Hello Baddiemaymay,


  Welcome to the community!


  It should be noted that the flanker brands don't always offer the same features as their parent companies. As far as I am aware, I don't believe the other flanker providers offer that option at the moment either.


  It's possible Fido may have plans to introduce some other feature or service which could replace the Fido Xtra program. However, that would be entirely speculation. Unfortunately, no one here would know about future plan features. Even if there were individuals who are privy to that information, they would not be able to discuss such matters until they are officially announced. Any new offerings would be made public on


  I understand you may not wish to switch providers, however, is you wish to avail of that feature, you will currently need to consider one of the parent providers.


Hope this helps 😀