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Hey there!


Welcome to our New to Canada Guide series — we’re here to help make your move to Canada easier!


Read our first series below to learn more about government ID cards and how to apply for them.



Social Insurance Number (SIN) card

To work in Canada or access government programs and benefits, you need a 9-digit SIN card. Applying online is quick, easy and free.


*Pro tips*

  • Keep your SIN private — protect your identity, financial status and more.
  • Skip waiting in line at government or service offices by booking appointments online.



Health card

Your health card proves you’re covered by your province or territory’s health insurance plan. You’ll need to show it every time you see a doctor, visit a clinic or an emergency room at a hospital.



Driver’s License card

A driver's licence is issued by your province or territory that allows you to drive in Canada legally. You must carry it with you whenever you drive.


*Pro tip*

  • If you have a driver's licence from your home country, you may be able to speed up the application process.



Provincial/Photo ID card

Provincial IDs are another form of primary government-issued ID used for Canadians without a Driver’s Licence. This card makes activities that require proof of identity or age easier, such as opening a bank account.


*Pro tip*

  • Apply for your provincial/photo ID card first — it’s the easiest to get and is accepted everywhere as legal identification. Plus, you can keep your passport safe at home!



Explore the links in the table below to understand the qualifications for applying for your government ID cards.





Provincial ID


ID requirements for licences and identification cards |

British Columbia

Government ID - Province of British Columbia


How to apply for an identification card (

New Brunswick

Photo ID Card (

Newfoundland & Labrador

Photo ID - Digital Government and Service NL

Northwest Territories

Get a general identification card for the first time (

Nova Scotia

Service Nova Scotia - Registry of Motor Vehicles - Photo Identification Card


Ontario Photo Card |

Prince Edward Island

Photographic Identification Card (Voluntary ID) | Government of Prince Edward Island


Documents d'identités et preuves de domicile acceptés par le Directeur de l'état civil (


Photo ID - SGI


Get a General Identification Card | Government of Yukon