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too high mobile bill

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi guys


Need suggestion. I overused my long-distance minutes in fido so they charged me $794.08. It was my mistake. My dad is sick in India so I had to make many calls in the last few weeks, initially, I talk to the doctor over the phone and explain to my family about it.

With this stress, I couldn’t track the long-distance minutes usage…

I get a notification in my phone bill. But didn’t see my phone bill . when I was about to hit  long-distance calling I didn’t receive any warning so I was not aware of my minutes usage. I always paid my phone  bill time to time .i am last two year fido client I never went over my limit in the past years this is the first time.


I’m a child caregiver .i am  in struggle and this paying 794.08$ is seriously a lot for me. I called fido customer service to get some help but they said they can’t waive or reduce the amount. They said they can arrange some payment plans. 


 Is there any way I can request Fido to reduce the amount? Customer service told me to contact the billing section but even there no help. I’m so helpless now.


Please any help is valuable. I have some days for the billing date. Please let me know what I should do now. I’m very depressed now, don’t know what to do.



Hello @sukhdeep4,


Sorry to hear about your dad I hope he makes a speedy recovery.


In regards to the bill, you made the calls so you are responsible for the charges I understand you can not make the payment in full in this case you will need to set up a payment arrangement as suggested by customer service. You can learn more about setting that up here.


In regards to getting a notification about the minutes being used Fido never sends notifications they however provide a minute tracker in the Fido app that you can use to keep an account of the minutes being used, ultimately it is the customer responsibility to keep track of their usage if they do not want to go over and incur additional fees.