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suddenly lost my phone number for no reason

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

After overnight my phone display no service on signal. first i thought i need restart my phone but it stay the same. i checked my fido to see do i miss a payment, on my fido it just so secondary line but no primary line. i called Fido service and it took a half of my day to resolve the problem with the last is run around the city try to get the new sim card end up all fido store close because COVID 19.  i lucky got it from wal-mart but i wrote this complain because i want Fido know how frustrating am i with COVID19 situation to run around the Retail just for the sim card, lost contact with workplace to get update information in this sensitive time, and i just have a day off after work 7 days straight  then lost half of my day off to get my number back instead of prepair for COvid 19. i hope this will never happen again. 



Hello @noubon125


We understand how difficult the times are right now, especially with everything that's going on.


You can find all of the measures that we took on our end here.


If you need any assistance with your account, you can find the ways to reach us here.