leaving fido

leaving fido

leaving fido

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leaving fido

Hi all,

It's been at least 12 to 14 years i've been with fido, and in 4 days, I'M OUTTA HERE. YEAH!!!!!!!

Been fed up with their service especially that i keep getting repetative texts up to 13 times, getting charged 20$ more, and fails to send text messages. I just got off the phone with another service provider and the same plan will be 12$ less. Hope everyone wakes up and looks it up, don't take the ride i took.





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Hi @whatitis


I'm sad to see that you're planning on leaving. Sad In regards to the text messages, we're aware that some of our customers are experiencing an error message when sending an SMS but the destination party is receiving multiple SMS. We're working on getting this corrected as fast as possible! 


If you'd like to go over your options with us, let me know and I'll send you a PM!

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There are no more options because they tell you there is no problem. it is 2 years now that my plan is all screwed up, and they can't get it back right. The service has gone downhill, they have an issue so they charge the customer extra, so therefore there is no more options. It is too bad that i can't do both my lines, the other is in December.


Thank you

Hey @whatitis


We certainly don't want to see you go.


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into.

Talk to you soon Smiley


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I don't want to go through this, all i want is my phone and if possible both phones, "in which i deserve at the very least", unlocked and go with someone else. This shouldn't have happened in the first place. I'm not a newbie and to go through something every year, it's pathetic. My 2 phones i keep getting the same text, they charged me internet usage 20$ in which that phone is always on wifi, and i have," who called", in which it's about 1 year and 1/2 that it doesn't work. I didn't make them fix it because everytime they do, something else goes wrong.


thank you

Hey @whatitis! We can understand your frustration. Please reply to our PM so we can look into this for you. Smiley