hanged up on me

hanged up on me

hanged up on me

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hanged up on me

I called to cancel my protection plan, and someone on the other end picked up after being on hold for almost 10 mins, I tried to get the persons name first, and he raised his voice at me asking me for my personal info, when I was trying to get his name so I am able to address him properly, and when that person took my call, there was no hello, or any form of greeting, just straight to the point, and said "whats your first and last name, whats your DOB and postal code, whats our email" after all of that rudeness, he had the audacity to hang up on me. After 5 years with fido, never have I been, as a customer, treated like trash, honestly pretty annoyed and furious right now. 

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I can understand the disappointment of having such a negative experience with our customer care as this is not something that we want our customers to experience at all and hopefully not representative of our service in general.


If your situation wasn't resolved to your satisfaction or if you would like to send feedback to the agent you spoke with, feel free to reach out to us so we can further assist you: fido.ca/contactus

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Did you call Fido or did you call the protection plan company? If I am correct, Fido contracts out the protection company to somebody else.  If that is the case, you might want to direct your frustration to the protection company.


On a side note, good job for making the move to cancel those protection plans.