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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido is not honoring their free month. I have been calling them for 3 months each month they say it will come off the next month. Well last week i was on the phone for 1/2 hour and they were suppose to resolve the issue. I was told after he said he fixed it that i could of done it on line. I said why did i need to know that when i have been  on the phone for this long. He assured me it was fixed. Well i am on the phone again with another person who has to look into it!!!! This is so frustrating! What kind of business is this they can say its fixed and i have to wait and see then call again . What the hell.




Hey @5552,


That's definitely not the type of experience we want for our customers. We can definitely look into the situation with you via private message. I've sent you a PM via the Community.


We hope to chat with you soon! 😀