data usage issue

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data usage issue

I recently got a new phone that uses android OS. It has been blasting through data and I have been playing with the settings to reduce this, but it is my first android phone so I am unsure of what is considered normal. In the 8 days since I have had the phone I have gone through 9G on celluar data, and 18G on wifi. Keep in mind I do not run many apps, I have always been a Blackberry user and therefore use primarily emails and messaging apps. My app usage has remained the same for the last several years and I rarely use more than my 3G plan, even when I use my phone as a hotspot. 


My question is: this amount of data usage seems uttery ridiculous, no matter what operating system I am using. When I first called Fido when I realized last week this was an issue, the rep said it looked like I had used 4G (celluar) at 7am that same morning. That is impossible as I was at home and connected to my wifi. Yesterday I monitored my usage hourly and used only .05G all day. However, suddenly now with the same settings I have gone through another 2.5G in a morning. I have updates turned off unless in wifi, and background data usage restricted on all apps. The data usage monitor shows very little data used by apps, but says all of the app usage is from the OS background.


I am inclined to think there is an issue with the data readers at Fidos end. Also, because I did not receive any text message that i have reached my maximum usage yet, even though I did so earlier this morning apparently (according to my phone, not my fido account). Anyone else have a similar experience or feedback on this issue? Clearly I cannot go on like this using 10G or more a week. 


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Re: data usage issue

Hey @myrajade!


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


Have you tried restoring your phone? I know it's not the most convenient thing to do and can be a headache, but based on what you've tried so far, I would suggest that.


Let us know how it goes!

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