cant buy with my phone bill anymore for some reason

cant buy with my phone bill anymore for some reason

cant buy with my phone bill anymore for some reason

I'm a Participant Level 2

cant buy with my phone bill anymore for some reason

Hi,i'll try to make this short and clear, i usually buy in-game currency with my phone bill in google play store but these pass 2 months i been unable to buy anything in there( the translation keep saying its been declined), this is not the 1st time it happen, last year it did happen a few times but it fixed itself each time, this year too it did happen again a few times but again it fixed itself until now ( well until august- September)

i contacted google 2 times and both times they told me it on Fido's end, i also called Fido 2 times and they told me they got no idea what is happening,my account is clean i never had any late payments nor was anything change with my account.

before i went and call anything, i went on google and do a few research, i am not the only one with this issue. i tired every fix i could find and none worked soo far...


can anyone help?


* last update * problem fixed


Hey @LuYun,


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Happy to learn that the payment worked out in the end Smiley


One thing to keep in mind with purchases billed directly to your Fido invoice is that you can only purchase items that are $60 or less, up to a maximum of $100 per month, per number, otherwise the payment won't go through.



Would you mind sharing with everyone how you were able to fix it? It could definitely be of help to anyone who might experience the same situation.



I'm a Participant Level 2

I went and ask a live chat with a fido employee on Twitter, she told to try and buy what i wanted, when i did it was showing as i couldn't purchase or something.


She refreshed something and it started showing the update of that day and showing that 3rd party charges are allowed and then asked to again try to buy something and it worked. 


She also  warned me that the fix could take up to 24hrs to come in effect or something


Idk if this help, i could copy pass what she said if its better

Thanks for sharing, @LuYun!


From what you're describing, it's possible that purchases from third party apps were blocked and we unblocked them and refreshed your profile.


I'm happy it worked Smiley